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Hier könnt Ihr Fragen rund um unsere Angebote stellen
PostPosted: 08.01.2012, 20:36

My name on World of Warcraft is Yavanoa

Here, I explain in bulk. The person who ordered the site you have to pay for 3 months

We decided to take three months to try and blow it we liked.

The worry is that the person who ordered the site home is no longer part of the guild, we had to leave.

He let all my log and the ts3 we ordered

Contact my sh***** thanks

If I come to you today is that after 3 months, eventually he will continue to pay more and therefore I want to continueto pay at the end of three months pass and keep the site and the ts3 back to 3 / 6 months to see one more year.

but once I would pay I just want you change the admin pwd change and mail it for more access.
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PostPosted: 09.01.2012, 08:49

please check your mailfolder and/or spam folder. I already answered you twice.

Yours Jens

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