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PostPosted: 05.12.2008, 12:25
I logged onto my website this morning and its gone.. completely .. gone !

A flag appeared with a warning saying that the site has been hacked and everything has been deleted.

If all my work has been deleted..


time to cry in a corner..

Can anything be done to save this.. ??

Please help!


I'm also tossing in a support ticket in hopes someone can see this asap.
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PostPosted: 05.12.2008, 13:46
Allready on it.
Your Data isn't gone , that's just stupid hacker kiddy stuff to discomfit so.

Your Little Lovely

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PostPosted: 05.12.2008, 13:56
Thanks Tushi,

I don't get what thrills people get over doing something like this. It's like don't they have anything better to do??

I appreciate your quick response! I assumed you guys had the data, just when I logged on this morning my jaw kinda hit the floor.. lol as if I haven't been having a rough enough week as it is.

Thanks again! I'll keep checking on the site throughout the day to see if its back up..

... big sigh of relief ..

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PostPosted: 05.12.2008, 16:09
My site is now back up and running, just received an email from support.

Thanks again for the quick response!

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