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HELP please.. site seems to have a crit error, can't load it

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Joined: 15.10.2008, 01:32
PostPosted: 21.11.2008, 19:23
I know you guys have been working hard on updates lately and I notice you said that they are now completed.

I tried to get to my website this morning and got this:

phpBB : Critical Error

Could not open gdkpaoc template config file


Line : 758
File : functions.php

Not sure if you are still working on something or what, but i've been having issues with it all morning. At first it couldn't load up the page, then I finally got to my website and now i'm getting that msg. I'm getting phone texts from guildmates asking whats up.

My site:


Posts: 28
Joined: 15.10.2008, 01:32
PostPosted: 22.11.2008, 06:56
just bumping this thread.. we need to have the site back up asap :( it's been down since yesterday afternoon with this error.


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Joined: 15.10.2008, 01:32
PostPosted: 24.11.2008, 11:45
Its going on 4 days of the site being down. Our site is our biggest form of communication of which we need up asap.. I don't want to have to look for yet another hosting site :(

Any admins around to take a look at this? I've noticed there are a lot of other people with the same issue at the moment.


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PostPosted: 24.11.2008, 14:29

sry for the long down-time, but now your site is up again.

We are still fixing errors, so please let us know any error occurring to you while using the page now ^^

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Joined: 15.10.2008, 01:32
PostPosted: 24.11.2008, 16:37
Thanks for fixing this and I will definitely keep you posted.

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