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Item stats... how to get blue and coins in itemstats?

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PostPosted: 09.11.2006, 23:50

Just did our first run and it worked out great.

Importing string, editting, all went fine.

Only problem is that it only copied the Purple/epic items we looted. it didnt copy the blue's, coins, bijous etc.. we looted..eventhough they did get registered by CTraidtracker.

If i look in the options, /rt o, its set to min. item to log = uncommon .. is there something i am missing?

I have editted in some blue items myself now.... but i'd like to have everything in there.. coins, bijous, green items.. all.. even if its 0 DKP.

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PostPosted: 12.11.2006, 01:03

sorry for this late answer, but currently I'm getting ready for my exams on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The solkution is the configuration file of the importer at the DKP System.

I will hav a look at it by tomorrow morning, so that it will show the blue ones, too.

Yours Jens

GildenDKP Admin

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PostPosted: 12.11.2006, 10:52
Thnx alot.

The config file configuration was the main reason i got DKP hosted.
I couldnt figure it out myself.

Thnx for helping me out with this.

Also, when ur busy with it, can you put in some other things like:

1. Give people DKP for being there when we start (2 DKP)
2. Give people DKP for being there until the end (2 DKP)
3. Staying from beginning to end (5 DKP)

Hope this is possible.


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