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having trouble at DKP site

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PostPosted: 07.09.2009, 08:19

Im having 2 problems, 1st i cant get my banner to be shown. I tried to edit size and i tried with different once.

Then i read the at the FAQ how to activate people to the DKP-site.
But seems i still cant get them on there. So if a member sign via Forum
they should be allowed at the DKP site aswell, aslong as i insert them into that group "DKP" from the forum site. Groups.

Seems i cant get that to work.

Then i have a question about changing the looks, i cant get that to work either, this one we have now looks alittle bad. Wish to change it if someone can tell me how too :)


// Makk

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PostPosted: 07.09.2009, 13:13
Hot to post news:


How to attach pictures:


Hope this helps. =^_^=
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