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Raid Planner problems

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PostPosted: 28.07.2008, 13:50
Hi, i just ordered the dkp site this morning and been working on it since, but whe i try and add a raid with the raid planner it doesnt seem to add it to the database. Any help would be appreciated.

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PostPosted: 28.07.2008, 13:59
hello and welcome to DKP4Guilds

first of all:
You didn't read the mail we've sent you properly ^^

such questions should be posted in the internal forums for customers.
to get access to these forums please write an PM to one of the admins including your system-name.

Also we can not help you, since we don't know your system-name :)

Please provide these info and I'm glad to help you

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PostPosted: 30.07.2008, 17:15
Ok meatfooder i pm u my info can u register me please, cheers Leo
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